Miscellaneous fish

This section contains fish species which do not fit into the main fish families, and includes many of the fish which are thought of as "oddballs" - rare and unusual fish.

Chitala (Notopterus) chitalaClown Knifefish
Gnathonemus petersiiElephant nose
Monocirrhus polyacanthusSouth American leaf fish
Monodactylus argenteusMono, Malayan Angel
Osteoglossum bicirrhosumSilver arowana
Scleropages formosusAsian arowana/Dragon fish
Toxotes jaculatrixArcher fish
Polypterids - Polypterus delheziBichirs
Polypterids - RopefishRopefish
PuffersFreshwater and Brackish Pufferfish
Scatophagus argusScat
Siamese TigerfishCoius / Datnioides