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This is a tropical fish site for all tropical fish enthusiasts from beginner to expert. It has some nice tropical fish pictures and will hopefully have something of interest for all freshwater and marine fish keepers. These tropical fish pages provide some information about some of my favourite fish, along with tropical fish pictures of them. I have kept fish for many years now, ranging from community to marine. Over this period I have been drawn towards catfish, and the cichlids, which I must confess, through there antics have become my favourites. I now keep African and American cichlids, along with some catfish and plecs.

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Fish Dealers, Aquarium & Pond Supplies in Manchester

tropical fish dealers and suppliers of online info, facts and equipment.


653, Manchester Rd, Denton, Manchester, Lancashire M34 2NA
Tel: 0161 336 5483

Marine, Tropical & Coldwater Fish, Plants, Salted R.O.Water Tanks, Cabinets & Accessories Pumps, Heaters, Plants, Coral Cabinets Made To Order New Fish In Stock Each Week

Urmston Aquatics & Reptile Centre

122, Flixton Rd, Urmston, Manchester, Lancashire M41 5BG
Tel: 0161 748 5746

Marine Tropical & Coldwater Aquarium Plants- Buy On Line Full Shopping Website Reptiles/Food/Stock Juwel Aquariums & Spares Open 7 Days A Week

Manchester Pets & Aquatics
66, Stockport Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M12 6AL
Tel: 0161 273 5447

Pets & Pet Food Cages - Tarantulas Expert Advice Tropical Fish Parrots - Reptiles - Snakes Aquariums & Furniture

Cascade Water Gardens
Irwell Bank Farm, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester, Lancashire M26 2WX
Tel: 0161 725 8142

Speciality water gardens Ponds, pumps & filtration Lilies & marginal plants Tropical fish & accessories Koi Carp and pond fish Highly experienced staff

725, Stockport Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M19 3AR
Tel: 0161 224 0121

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Tropical Marine Centre Ltd
Beta Court, Harper Rd, Sharston Industrial Area, Manchester, Lancashire M22 4QE
Tel: 0161 946 1538

Second Nature Aquatics
93, Minehead Avenue, Manchester, Lancashire M20 1EP
Tel: 07815 015066

Andy Johnson Water Features
288, Errwood Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M19 1DX
Tel: 0161 442 1298

Monarch Aquatics Wholesaler
Unit 17-19 Crown Business Centre, George St, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire M35 9BW
Tel: 0161 684 8880

Pecky's Pets & Aquatics
113, Wellington St, Manchester, Lancashire M18 8BE
Tel: 0161 223 2517

51, Norfolk Avenue, Denton, Manchester, Lancashire M34 2WL
Tel: 0161 336 8008

Foley's Pets & Aquatics
449, Chorley Rd, Swinton, Manchester, Lancashire M27 9LQ
Tel: 0161 794 3716 Aquarium & Pond Supplies

Easy Tanks R'Us
31, Howarth St, Manchester, Lancashire M16 9JX
Tel: 0161 226 6997

Hy Standards
Johnson St, Howe Bridge, Atherton, Manchester, Lancashire M46 0RB
Tel: 01942 884994

Village Aquarium Pond & Pet
24, Carrington Rd, Flixton, Manchester, Lancashire M41 6HX
Tel: 0161 755 0563

A Drop In The Ocean
20, The Circle Barton Rd, Stretford, Manchester, Lancashire M32 9TR
Tel: 0161 755 0030

A Star Aquariums
8, Hawthorn St, Manchester, Lancashire M18 8PT
Tel: 07970 533367

PM Aquatic Imports
Unit 9, Pitt St, Denton, Manchester, Lancashire M34 6PT
Tel: 0161 335 0565

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